Beyond Focus TV is a half hour television program that provides contemporary topics affecting New Yorkers and the diaspora on both local and national levels.

Saturdays at 9pm on these Cable-TV NETWORKS: Verizon Channel 44, RCN Channel 84, Cable Vision Channel 69, and Time Warner Channel 56.

Upcoming Guests

  • Apr 7 - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Lorrie Ayers-Hutchinson is the current president of The Brooklyn Club.
  • Apr 14 - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Pico El--Artist's name Henri U.M Picault III, Gemini, born in Port-au- Prince, Haiti. Growing up within a culture where the music echoe's the very essence of life's daily experience,"Pico~El" exhibited an impressive talent as a musician and vocalist at an early age. Pico~El came to the United ...
  • Sat at 9:00 PM - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Diakonia Movement is a merger of the goals and interest of individuals bringing positive change within socioeconomic communities through Servanthood//Compassion; while providing opportunities for individuals to invest what they have learned-right back into their own community. [DM] seeks to achieve ...
  • Apr 28 - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Cyrene Renee, Cyrene is a model in New York City. She has been modeling for six years with plans to continue her career in editorial, runway and promotional fields. She has also been featured in a number of fashion shows (runway/presentations) as well as national magazines to include Fashion Avenue ...
  • May 5 - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Founders of Damorpho Cares come from a large family. We believe in the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” From early on, this bred a sense of community that has carried through our studies, travels and relationships. The Damorpho Cares family spent a better part of their live...

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