Beyond Focus TV is a half hour television program that provides contemporary topics affecting New Yorkers and the diaspora on both local and national levels.

Saturdays at 9pm on these Cable-TV NETWORKS: Verizon Channel 44, RCN Channel 84, Cable Vision Channel 69, and Time Warner Channel 56.

Upcoming Guests

  • May 26 - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Cashel Sapphire Campbel is the Creator and Founder at "The Cash Cabaret". Cashel Sapphire Campbell has been a performer from the time her dancing feet hit this world! Born and raised in Long Island, New York, she has been actively apart of the practice, learning and performance of what it means t...
  • May 19 - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Keisha Hickson is the Owner and CEO of Shining Star Kids Salon. Shining Start Kids Salon is a clean, bright, friendly environment where your child will be surrounded by positive thoughts and inspiring words. At Shining Star, we realize that natural hair requires tender loving care. Whether it’...
  • Apr 7 - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Lorrie Ayers-Hutchinson is the current president of The Brooklyn Club.
  • Apr 14 - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Pico El--Artist's name Henri U.M Picault III, Gemini, born in Port-au- Prince, Haiti. Growing up within a culture where the music echoe's the very essence of life's daily experience,"Pico~El" exhibited an impressive talent as a musician and vocalist at an early age. Pico~El came to the United ...
  • Apr 21 - hosted by Beyond Focus Media
    Diakonia Movement is a merger of the goals and interest of individuals bringing positive change within socioeconomic communities through Servanthood//Compassion; while providing opportunities for individuals to invest what they have learned-right back into their own community. [DM] seeks to achieve ...
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